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EVER AFTER (A Ménage Fairytale, Book 2)


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Who said happily ever afters only come in pairs?

After being plucked out of the jungle during a special assignment, special ops soldier Elijah Stevens is assigned to be the bodyguard to, Sebastian Bradford, the son of multi-billion dollar media mogul, Carrington Bradford. Their relationship is fast and intense and it isn’t long before the two fall madly in love. But protecting Sebastian is a more than a full time job, especially when his father has plans to tear them apart.

Being the son of Carrington Bradford isn’t easy. Despite having lived under the same roof, Sebastian couldn’t be any more different. While his father is concerned with image and reputation, Sebastian is desperate to live his truth. And with Elijah by his side, he couldn’t imagine a more complete life. That is, until they meet Elle. When the two men realize Elle is the woman to complete their triad, they finally see an end to Carrington’s pressure to conform. They never would’ve thought his father would blackmail him into marrying someone else.

Elle Pembroke is alone. After her father’s death, she remained in the care of her stepmother and stepsister, both of whom considered her to be more of a servant than a family member. It isn’t until she stumbles across Sebastian and Elijah that Elle understands what love and family is all about. The problem? Underestimating how far others will go to stop her from finding happiness.

Thrown into a world where the price of having a high reputation is not worth the cost, Sebastian, Elijah, and Elle must challenge tradition and fight for their happily ever after.

RED (A Ménage Fairytale, Book 1)

October 3, 2017

Heat Rating: Scorching, Word Count: 68,656




The handsome and dashing Calen “Red” Reddington is ready for love, and Celeste Wolfe is just the woman he needs. Enraptured by her, Calen will do anything to have her and give up everything to be by her side. But just how much will he sacrifice for his deepest desires?

Being a modern day shape-shifter isn’t easy. Despite a dominating physical prowess, Zev Reynolds is alone. He longs to find the one with whom he can share his secret: his true mate. But who? His best friend? His best friend’s lover? As Zev struggles for balance between loyalty and desire, his animal struggles to remain hidden.

Celeste Wolfe is an outsider; fiercely independent and strong. Then fate tosses her into the midst of Greek life. Drawn to both Calen and Zev, something supernatural inside her ignites. Celeste discovers a part of herself she never knew existed and realizes choosing between the two may be the one thing that breaks her.




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